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50 Ousel Falls Road, Unit 2
Big Sky, MT 59716


Artistically crafted jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets made with responsibly sources gold, silver, and gemstones in Big Sky, Montana


Gemstone Jewelry & Jewelry Design - Jackson Hole WY & Big Sky MT

Ari O Jewelry in Big Sky, MT, is an open studio with a wide variety of handcrafted artisan jewelry pieces. Click to learn more about the artist and see our inventory!


"We all have our own unique story and we all tell it in different ways. I tell mine through my jewelry, it's a blending of the beautiful lifestyle Big Sky offers, and the visions I am driven to create."

Jewelry Design in Bozeman MT


My vision is encompassed in the studio I work in.  It is an open studio that is connected to the gallery.  I design the pieces and then me and my other talented craftspeople handcraft those designs on the spot. Anyone that walks in will see us creating the objects that are placed in the gallery.  For me it is important to know where the food I am eating comes from and where my clothes were's the same with my jewelry. Here you can meet the designer and the folks making the art objects. You can chat with us and find out the full story behind your favorite piece and learn about how it was made.

Inspiration - where do i find Inspiration?

My Life inspires me!  This gift I have been given~ the power of it all has always spoken to me.  I'm sure this is typical for an artist~ that from the moment we are born, we are conscious of the power of the beauty within the struggle.  I think people like me are driven to go farther, push harder, find a way to express the energy inside ~ 

Signature series

The pieces from the Signature Series are very kinetic~ full of energy.  These are the artistic pieces I create~ these are the reaction to this thing called life.  It's the good, the bad, and the ugly all rolled up into my being ~ and it manifests itself into beautiful pods and layered metal pieces.  The use of the gemstone beads often "fuels" the piece~ pushing the power of the stones to the symbol.  We are made up of the same elements found in the Earth and the stars~ the use of these gemstone beads has energy properties~ each different.  The healing properties in the gemstones will relax, energize, protect, etc., the wearer.

Gemstone Jewelry

Precious Pieces

The use of gemstone, the energy inside them, the light the reflect, the shapes given to them~ that's where the inspiration comes from with the Precious Pieces collection.  I really enjoy mixing the earthiness of certain stones and metals with the sparkle of sapphires and diamonds~ or throwing the refinement of brilliant cut stones with my Signature pieces.  The pieces are as unique as us all as individuals.

Ario gold gemstone diamond ring
ario diamond and gold necklaces

A touch of sparkle!

And the gemstones...because who doesn't love a little (or a lot!) sparkle!?! 


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Semester in Italy. Emphasis on Italian Renaissance Art History & Cold-Connections in Metalsmithing. 2003.

Fine Arts Degree, emphasis on metals. Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, 2004.

Stone Setting Intensive, Revere Academy, San Francisco, CA, 2016.