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Artistically crafted jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets made with responsibly sources gold, silver, and gemstones in Big Sky, Montana



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Pop of Pink!

cynthia kellogg

Sometimes I get into the funk of wearing black. As a artisan jeweler  I love black!  Plain black clothes ensure that the jewelry I'm wearing "Pops".  I usually don't like to wear patterns or brights colors, as I feel that it may take away from the very thing I make and sell - however, today I found that if I put on a Pink Circular Scarf- like this one made by b.handmade designs and a reversible headband, my little pink earrings that I make on a long ear-wires still "popped".  It was a little pop of pink that did it.  I had my friend model all the pink together and I still think the earring looks fabulous on her - especially with her dark brown hair. :)


Using Models

cynthia kellogg

My friend Tyler Call of Bozeman, MT is an aspiring photographer.  Tyler took some wonderful photos of my jewelry.  This one of my favorite pictures involving a model:

 I like the use of the model, as I often get asked "Well how big is 2 inches in diameter?!"  You put the piece of jewelry on the model and BAM! people understand how it will look on their body.  I love the product shots - don't get me wrong, but the model gives the jewelry life and that is what jewelry is all about.  When you create jewelry it's okay to have structure and an idea of how the piece will look, but if it doesn't move well or fit correctly- it's all in vain. 

Jewelry's sole purpose is to decorate one's beauty, to accent what is already lovely about us all- our bodies!  Sometimes jewelry can make us move in certain ways.  For instance I have a ring I like to wear, it has a Huge piece of Chinese Writing Rock in it- 1 1/2 " in diameter (well how big is that- you ask?!  BIG,)  Anyway I wear it and my hand goes Wild!  Everything I say is accentuated by my hand waving that giant ring around- it makes for Drama and makes my whole arm look lovely.  Anyway I'll get a picture of that big ring on a model and my point about using a model will be put to use. ttfn. Ari O