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Artistically crafted jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets made with responsibly sources gold, silver, and gemstones in Big Sky, Montana



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Happy New Year from Ari O Jewelry

Ariane Coleman

2015 for us at Ari O Jewelry has been anything but quiet. For starters we changed locations to be more centrally located in the Town Center where we are enjoying the views of Lone Peak and we're also adoring being right in the heart of the town we love! In addition to moving around we have had the pleasure of getting back some returning staff. Our first ever employee and technically the second metalsmith, Madison, is back working in the studio! During the weekends and off season we kept busy with the farmer's market and art shows. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle we also began to create some higher end pieces. While we still have affordable fine jewelry, we now offer pieces including Montana gemstones, diamonds and solid gold. 

Thank you for making all of these positive changes possible and shopping with us at Ari O Jewelry! Come in for a visit and see what we have to offer in 2016- chances are we'll give you some chocolate!

All about the Buttons

Ariane Coleman

Ari O Jewelry gives an insider's take on the 18 in-depth steps it takes to create by hand the little buttons you see on your favorite Ari O wrap bracelets.

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Trials & Tribulations of Being the Boss

cynthia kellogg

Recently the jewelry studio/ gallery space Ari O Jewelry was in sold.  I was forced to pack up the jewelry studio and move to my new location.  As a person who compartmentalizes tasks - so as not to get overwhelmed by the "big picture" - I compartmentalize the move as just that - "a move". 

I didn't think about any other parameters.  So in 3 days I packed up the old space and threw it all in a heap on the floor of the new space.  I found myself in my new jewelry studio surrounded by chaos.  I hadn't thought about the new jewelry space at all.  I'm pretty sure I had convinced myself that I was going to move, set up shop and get back to business as usual. 

As I stood in my new jewelry studio, under the harsh glare of the florescent light and the orangish/cream colored office paint, the feeling of, "Ugh! This will never do!". I knew at that moment that I was going to have to convert the new jewelry space toAri O Jewelry Studio - a contemporary working studio/gallery space.

Where to begin? and Uh-Oh this is going to be a ton of work - as "detail" is my middle name.  Oh and did I mention that it was October- the beginning of Retailers ordering wholesale jewelry for Christmas?! 

So began the "new space" woes.  Step one: configure the space and the scheme ( that took a Long time and a lot of shopping on the internet, as we are Rural here in Big Sky).  While working on the gallery part of the jewelry studio, I still had to pay attention to my orders, my jewelry repairs, marketing, and try not to lose my mind- this is why I compartmentalize. 

A huge problem was ventilation.  When I moved from my old location (an old pizza parlor with a commercial hood for ventilation) I had to research and come up with a way to vent my toxic torch fumes.  I contacted Sentry Air and talked to a rep who sold me on a ductless air mitigation system that cost a pretty penny (found out later I was sold the wrong system).  The system consists of a filter housing in the shape of a box with a "snorkel hose" coming out of it, which you are to set close to your torch flame to suck up the bad air it puts off.  Well since the system that I was sold- didn't have enough suction, I had to get the torch flame Very close- So close I started the snorkel on fire!  Oh the odor of melting plastic- so good for you! (not) One Thousand dollars well spent- thanks Sentry man.

Then came the wholesale jewelry Christmas orders.  Those orders were fine- expected- but dang, always such a busy time.  I had to get my shop some inventory after being wiped out from a summer/ fall season of Farmer's Markets. 

Meanwhile, the retail special orders were pouring in AND for the first time in my career I had a product failure.  One of my wholesale jewelry orders consisted of a new group of earrings that were breaking.  Good to know so that I can learn from my failure, but ugh, the problems were starting to add up.

So now with the Grand Opening of the Ari O Jewelry Studio looming in the near future and the unveiling of Ari O door signage declared another do-over, I notice my jewelry torch has blown one of it's gauges.  I know I have come too far to give up - and I wouldn't do that anyway - so I trudge on - I trudge on as the Captain of my own destiny, the only sailor on my ship - I am the "Boss", the boss of all my own problems