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Artistically crafted jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets made with responsibly sources gold, silver, and gemstones in Big Sky, Montana


Bracelets, Beauties, & Badasses

cynthia kellogg

We recently finished up another photoshoot at Ari O Jewelry.  When planning a photoshoot there are So many questions.  Who? What? When? Where? and What to Wear?! 

First I answered "Who"?  "Who" represents Ari O Jewelry?  Who do I envision wearing my jewelry when I design it?  First, I consider myself a strong, comfortable, confident woman.  I felt the models for Ari O had to represent my that feeling.  In the town of Big Sky, MT I didn't have to look far for woman who are strong, confident AND above all BEAUTIFUL!

Now for "What"?  What am I looking for?  What is the setting that should represent the feeling of Ari O Jewelry?  How about where it is created: Montana.  Montana represents many different things to many different people.  To me, it's rustic and natural.  You can still drive anywhere in this great state and find barbwire doing it's job. 

Which leads me to "When" and "Where".  No time like the present I say!  A gorgeous spring day in the Rocky Mountains is not only the Perfect time for modeling, it provides the Perfect backdrop.  We only had to go so far as the "backyard" for "where".  Ari O Jewelry is inspired by where it is created!

And last, but not least ...What to Wear?!  I do not consider myself a cowgirl, but I do feel the essence of cowgirls is their inherent "bad-ass-ness".  I do consider any woman that lives at 7,000 feet a bad-ass.  We live in the Nation's largest ski resort (Big Sky Resort/Moonlight) in winter-like conditions 9 months out of the year!  The only thing to keep you happy around here is to get out into the elements and embrace them.  So I consider the Ari O Jewelry woman, a bad-ass or cowgirl of sorts.  So I made sure models wore some denim, and some boots for some of the photos... oh and don't forget the bracelets!


xoxo A